We are Nemos Real Estate, an architecture conscious property developer based in Tallinn, Estonia. We believe in thoughtful, boundary-pushing design that enhances the quality of the built environment and gives identity to the spaces where we live, work and play.


Ülari Niinemägi

I started studying real-estate management at the university with the idealistic belief that as a developer, I can have the biggest influence on the built environments that surround us.

After a successful top management career at the biggest commercial  real estate management company in the Baltics, taking care of client assets worth over 200m euros, I decided to create Nemos to rethink what modern and sustainable real-estate means.

As an avid adventure cyclist, I’m inspired by getting off the beaten track and out of my comfort zone. Creating my own company is a similar experience: discovering new paths to follow, new ways of seeing and doing things, but it also creates a freedom to follow my vision.

Being an audiophile with a collection of thousands of vinyl records, I have learned to appreciate the details that make something perfect or whole. Restoring vintage Scandinavian furniture has taught me how good design combines aesthetics with function, how in its essence good design really is timeless.

All these experiences are also something I want to offer my clients – real estate that is personal, aesthetical, practical, daring, and sustainable.


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Adding real value, not just selling a lifestyle

We believe that both customers and investors will benefit from spaces and environments that enrich our lives.


Experience from real estate management

With extensive first-hand knowledge on how built environments really function, we can give a fresh perspective to development.


Sustainability is the focus of all our activities

We work with real estate that is sustainable environmentally, architecturally, as a living or working space, and as an investment.