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We are Nemos Real Estate, an architecture conscious property developer based in Tallinn, Estonia. We believe in thoughtful, boundary-pushing design that enhances the quality of the built environment and gives identity to the spaces where we live, work and play.

What we do

Short- & 

We develop projects with both immediate construction and sales potential, but also with a three to ten-year investment horizon.

Residential & commercial

Unlike most other companies we work with both kinds of real estate.

Turnaround & redevelopment

We turn around toxic real estate that have strategic, architectural or legal issues and add value to properties with further untapped potential.


With our expertise and know-how about the real estate life cycle, we can contribute to a wide range of projects.


We restore undervalued architectural pieces and develop new buildings with the aim of creating inspiring and intriguing environments. In our work, we are interdisciplinary, experimenters, and we consider it important not only to create a physical product as a result of real estate development, but a complete atmosphere where exciting architecture, sustainability, functionality, biophilic design, user-centeredness and the human dimension come together.

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Adding real value, not just selling a lifestyle

We believe that both customers and investors will benefit from spaces and environments that enrich our lives.


Experience from real estate management

With extensive first-hand knowledge on how built environments really function, we can give a fresh perspective to development.


Sustainability is the focus of all our activities

We work with real estate that is sustainable environmentally, architecturally, as a living or working space, and as an investment.